On-Q Call Completion Services On-QTalkon 


The On-QTalkon service is a remedy to seamlessly restore a dropped call connection which is one of the major causes of customer dissatisfaction, and a major contributor to churn. The On-Qtalkon service is a telephone network based software solution that is simple to implement.
Statistics show that 70%-75% of dropped calls are caused by short-term events and reconnection can therefore be re-established within seconds of the drop, allowing callers to continue their call.
Dropped calls are a major cause of frustration for subscribers and result in:
(a)    Subscribers initiating premature dialing attempts immediately following the drop, often resulting in frustration; or
(b)   Dialing each other simultaneously, resulting in a situation of ”colliding calls” in which one user receives a BUSY signal and the other is forwarded to voicemail.
(c)    Subscribers give up the call.
When the dropped call occurrence is followed by these additional annoyances, customers start building up negative emotions which may ultimately lead to churn.
The On-QTalkon service was developed to re-establish the connection at the earliest instant possible, relieving users of the responsibility and frustration of trying to reconnect.
On-QTalkon stops the emotional escalation:
  • Preventing an emotional residue from dropped calls
  • Improving operator image
  • Reducing churn and enhancing subscriber satisfaction.
On-QTalkon is a superior application that will show a return on investment in 3-4 months and will generate a continuing return to carriers.
On-QTalkon is self-introductory, self-explanatory, requires no training and is easy to use.
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