The cell phone industry within the U.S.A., Europe, and parts of Asia has been consolidating over the last decade and companies are now competing fiercely with each other for customers in an effort to improve top line sales. One approach taken by most of these companies has been to add content to their networks. We now have downloadable ring tones, music, web access to data, and video. While these features are desirable and make the cell phone a more attractive and indispensable tool, they have in fact compounded the basic connectivity or reachability problem.
The result has been a decline in customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Cell phone carriers have now instituted punitive contracts with heavy termination charges in order to prevent customers from switching to different network carriers. This phenomenon known as “churn” costs the carriers millions of dollars each month and is just one major consequence of a poor customer experience.
The cell phone provider companies are also faced with a multitude of aggressive competitors and a rapidly changing landscape and are struggling to adapt. Cell phone and wire line customers tend to switch service providers whenever a new and attractive application or price offer comes along .New Media content companies are invading the cellular phone market without understanding that what the vast majority of the cell phone users want is to simply be connected to the party they called without any hassle and a minimum of delay. The cell phone provider companies must significantly improve customer satisfaction and regain customer loyalty if they are to succeed.
This is where we come in.
The On-Q service suite provides solutions and services that help carriers make the most of their network and resources:
  • Directly increasing revenues and profits due to enhanced call completion percentage - We help carriers realize their true ARPU potential
  • Improving overall customer satisfaction, thus enhancing existing customers' loyalty, reducing "churn" rate and attracting new customers -
    We help carriers realize their full user-basis potential

For our clients, our final goal is to integrate a streamlined and comprehensive call completion suite, personally tailored to each user according to his/her preferences.

The way we see it, the On-Q services suites are a Win-Win for both carriers and their customers.

For a detailed description of our patents, see our  Patent Portfolio.


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