FAQ Miscellaneous 
- Is there an expiration time for the On-QConnect service?

Sometimes by the time my destination becomes reachable, I no longer wish to complete the call. To avoid such cases, a time limit to the call completion is defined as default (e.g. 12 hours), with an option to alter it. If this time is up, no call attempt shall be made.

- How can On-QConnect co-exist with voicemail?

Very simple. In the long run, every cellular user will eventually have his/her own preferred call completion service, and will want to be routed straight to it when not being answered. Every user will define the call completion service of choice, where he/she will be routed by default (unless otherwise indicated).
On-Q Telecom Systems Co. Inc. offers a unique and patented method for performing a complete and seamless call completion suite.
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