FAQ "On-QConnect" service features 

- Can I use On-QConnect for more than one destination at a time?

No problem. I activate the service for each destination at a time, and get connected with each one the moment they become reachable (and I'm reachable).

- Can more than one caller use On-QConnect for me at a time?

Of course! While I'm unreachable several callers may activate "On-QConnect" to reach me. Callers are queued, e.g. according to their time of arrival. When I become reachable, callers are offered to complete their calls one at a time. A short break can be applied between calls to relieve me from the load of several consecutive calls.

- Can I get a VIP On-QConnect service?

I sure can. For an additional fee (on a per-call basis or monthly fee basis), I can be promoted to the head of any user's queue of callers (see On-QVIP).

- I activated On-QConnect and failed to reach the phone when it rang. What happens now?

This condition is known as caller “Ring No Answer” (RNA). The “On-QConnect” service will interrogate my cell phone periodically and when it detects an activity will, following that activity, ring me again for call completion.










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