On-Q Call Completion Services On-Q VPA 
The On-Q VPA service is a solution for handling heavy call traffic.
On-Q VPA (Virtual Personal Assistant) is a “caller-in-charge” application in which a caller can define groups of destinations that need to be called on a routine basis. caller or dispatcher would identify the numbers to be called from their directory and initiate the calling sequence through On-QConnect.
The upload of numbers to On-Q VPA can be done from the handset or from a computer, listing the instructions regarding the desired sequencing of the outgoing calls and the handling of the incoming calls. The network will then connect the caller with each destination in turn determined by sequence and availability.
On-Q VPA relieves the caller of the need to enter individual numbers, wait for each individual connection, leave unintended and undesired voicemails and/or call back information, and makes the caller much more productive.
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