On-Q Call Completion Services On-QConnect 

The On-QConnect service provides a telephone network based software solution to remedy failed call attempts.
A failed call attempt occurs when a caller tries to call a destination cell phone that is unavailable. The On-QConnect automated call completion application will give the caller a choice of selecting On-QConnect or the voice message service. To activate the On-QConnect service the caller, after promptings, will simply enter the digits *Q to activate the service and then hang up.
The On-QConnect application will periodically check the availability of the destination, and when it becomes available will either:
(a)   Notify the caller that the destination is now available and prompt him/her to enter *Q again and be automatically connected; or
(b)   Send an SMS to caller notifying that the destination is now available and provide a convenient interface to immediately make the call.
This solution has a number of significant benefits:
  • When a call fails to complete, user is no longer frustrated in trying to reach the destination because the network system has assumed responsibility of connecting the two parties.
  • Multiple futile dialing attempts are eliminated and the successful call now originates from caller’s network provider with the attendant benefits of revenue generation.
  •  Analysis of network traffic indicates that of the 30%-35% of calls that fail to connect on the first attempt, only 17% are finally connected either directly or into voice mail. The revenue loss to the carriers is estimated to be 8%-12% of total cell phone revenues.
  •  A great advantage of this service is that it can operate across different operator networks. This means that any operator implementing it would enable the service to be used for their subscribers’ incoming and outgoing failed call attempts.
On-QConnect is a superior application that will show a return on investment in 3-6 months and will enhance the subscriber experience and improve subscriber retention.
Links to patents:

UP Patent 7,515,904

US Patent 8,374,323

Japanese Patent 4,183,113

Similar Patents issued in GB, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Sweden, and Finland. 

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