Background Failed call attempts 

Failed call attempts

As we all know, a large percentage of calls, as high as 15% – 35%, depending on the network, are not successfully connected on the first attempt. This situation is getting worse as more users come into the network and spend more time accessing new web content, music and videos.
When the caller fails to reach a destination he/she really only has two choices:

  • Leave an impromptu voicemail if possible. When faced with depositing a spontaneous or unrehearsed voicemail, data shows that up to 60% hang up. If we do leave a voicemail message or call back number we also know that we have no idea when the destination will listen to their voice messages or even if, or when, they may call back. This is clearly not conducive to customer satisfaction.
  • Hang up and try again later - a very frustrating experience, which is usually unsuccessful and unnecessarily loads the network.

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