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On-Q Choice
The On-Q Choice service is for both for incoming and outgoing calls.
For outgoing calls, On-Q Choice is a "caller-in-charge" service, by which a caller can avoid the voicemail experience by using the voicemail-disable service offered on On-QConnect. On-Q Choice in effect regulates the co-existence of voicemail and On-QConnect.
As for incoming calls, On-Q Choice is a “destination-in-charge” service in which any cell phone user can turn their voicemail on or off, can reserve voicemail space for selected callers and can screen or block unwanted callers. With the availability of the On-QConnect service a caller can still get through to a destination provided that destination has not blocked their call.
 This is a unique and innovative application for both the caller and the destination which takes into account the wishes and desires of both parties.
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On-Q Telecom Systems Co., Inc.